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Shingles Campaign Posted on 9 Sep 2020

Shingles is a debilitating condition, which occurs more frequently and tends to be more severe in older people.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people are affected in England and Wales each year including 30,000 people in their 70s.

We are now offering routine shingles vaccinations (called Zostavax) to patients:

Born between 2nd September 1935 to 1st September 1936          (79 years old)

Born between 2nd September 1934 to 1st September 1935          (78 years old)

Born between 2nd September 1943 to 1st September 1944          (70 years old)

The shingles (Zostavax) can be given as a single vaccine or at the same time as the flu and pneumococcal vaccinations where relevant and we are giving the vaccine in our Flu Clinics

To book an appointment please telephone the surgery, but please remember that we are only allowed to give the shingles vaccine to patients in the relevant age groups.

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